Greater Manchester Education Trust

Greater Manchester Education Trust operates in an area with a highly diverse academic, social and ethnic profile. Our academies achieve consistent success with young people of all backgrounds, ensuring that we offer a high-quality education to every child in our care. This comprehensive profile, reflecting our region and our society, is our focus.

We strive for excellence in all things for every child and adult who studies or works with us. The achievement of our young people is not solely a result of our emphasis on academic outcomes. Children in our schools will receive the best possible care and support, to grow both academically and personally and experience a range of opportunities which allow them to express their talent, challenge themselves and enrich their lives.

Colleagues who work in our schools will experience the same focus on care and guidance, opportunity and challenge, so that they can deliver an exceptional education to our young people. They will become the very best practitioners through bespoke support and opportunities to learn professionally, to collaborate, to lead innovation and to advance their career with us.

Our core values are at the heart of our work with young people, colleagues, our parents and our community:


We are passionate about achieving greatness in everything we do.


We treat everyone with thoughtfulness, empathy and compassion.


We recognise our differences and treat people fairly in our thoughts, words and actions.

Career Opportunities

We are committed to providing top quality support, a personalised induction programme, high quality professional training and opportunities for professional development.

We currently have 3 career opportunities available:

Quality Marks, Awards and Affiliations

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